Hi, I'm Eniac.

Welcome to the new age of journaling.

I help you track your mood and make journaling a daily habit. By sending me text messages, you can track your emotions and how you felt each day. Everyday is logged as a new point in your Mood Dashboard: examine your mental state over time with analytics tools and graphs.

Bringing the Journal to You

Eniac makes journaling an incredibly low-friction habit by allowing users to journal with text messages.

You Write, We'll Keep it Secure

All journal entries you enter with Eniac are stored securely in an encrypted database—nobody else can see your information.

Data-Based Insights

Eniac gives you your own Mood Dashboard to present you with analytics on how your mood has changed over time.

We make Journaling Fun

Eniac makes journaling a treat rather than a chore with endearing emojis and intriguing analytics.